Telenor Zong Jazz Ufone PTCL Conference Call Activation Code

Telenor Zong Jazz Ufone PTCL Conference Call Activation Code

A conference call is a telephone call by which a caller can speak with several friends and family members at the same time. This facility is offered by every telecom operator which allows more than two friends or family members to speak with each other.

Telenor Zong Jazz Ufone PTCL Conference Call Activation Code

You can stay connected with your friends and family members by a group call that sounds like you are sitting together. Therefore we have made it easy to use conference calls by providing guidelines that how to start a conference call. In this post you will learn about Telenor Zong Jazz Ufone PTCL Conference Call Activation Code, How to Start Conference Call?, Conference Call on Telenor, Zong, Jazz, Ufone & PTCL.

People often used to search Telenor conference call activation code, Zong conference call activation code, Jazz conference call activation code, and Ufone conference call activation code, etc. keep in view the above-mentioned requirements of the users we have created this content, especially for you. Follow the guidelines and tips below in order to start a conference call on Telenor, Zong, Jazz, or Ufone SIM.

How to Start Conference Call?

You don’t know how to start a conference call? You will have to check with your telecom operators for the service activation/subscription as the operators do not offer this service pre-activated or free of cost. If you are sure that the conference call service is activated on SIM, follow below mentioned standard procedure for making a conference call:

  • Dial the mobile number
  • When a call is attended, put this call on hold
  • Press Add Call or New Call options
  • Dial another number for the conference call
  • When connected, Select the “Conference” or “Merge Call” option
  • Repeat the same procedure in order to bring more people on a conference call

Note: The process cited above vary from handset to handset. If you are unable to find the “conference” or “Merge Call” option when connected then you will see the + button to add the call or read the handset manual or call the helpline for further directions.

Conference Call on Telenor

  • Using a Telenor SIM you can make conference calls up to 5 persons at a time.
  • The facility is equally available for all prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • Conference call service is often pre-activated on all Telenor SIMS and the service is totally free of cost.

Conference Call on Zong

  • The conference call facility is totally free of cost for Zong prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • Zong Conference Call service is pre-activated on all Zong SIMs.

Conference Call on Jazz/Mobilink

  • Using Jazz SIM, you can make a conference call with up to 4 persons of any network.
  • You have to dial 111 to activate the conference call facility on your Jazz SIM
  • You can also use the “Conference Bridge” service, offered by Jazz in order to organize conference meetings of up to 24 participants.

Conference Call on Ufone

  • Ufone network operator allows you to make a conference call with up to 5 persons of any network.
  • SMS Sub to 6789 in order to activate the conference call facility.

Conference Calls on PTCL

  • Dial 1236 to subscribe to the PTCL conference call service.
  • Call to first-person and when the call is connected, press the ‘Flash’ button
  • Dial the second person’s mobile number and when the call is connected, once again press “flash” quickly and press 3.

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