Thursday, March 23, 2023


As per the recent news updates, the Sindh High Court SHC has given instructions to colleges regarding starting 4 years degree program. The SHC ordered Sindh colleges to start 4 years bachelor’s degree as soon as possible. According to a source, 60 colleges in Sindh are going to start BS programs.

SHC Orders Colleges in Sindh to Start 4 Year Degree Programs

It is expected that this year the 4 years degree will be commencing in 60 colleges in Sindh. While the rest of the colleges will start BS programs till the upcoming year.

However, Sindh High Court has instructed the colleges in Sindh to start BS degree programs within the upcoming 2 years. The SHC showed annoyance on preventing the BS degree program in Sindh colleges. The high court further stated preventing four-year degree programs would cause difficulties for the students. SHC also said that many students will not be able to get jobs with 2 years degree programs as it has no value at all.

However, after the clear instructions by the Sindh High Court, the colleges in Sindh will start the BS degrees as soon as possible. Sindh High Court SHC decision regarding 4 years degree programs is a good decision for the future of students.

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