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Telenor is the fastest growing network among the other network operators in Pakistan. This network operator is popular among the people of Pakistan for its rich portfolio of products and services. Telenor CEO Name is Irfan Wahab Khan. The GSM License was awarded to Telenor on May 26, 2004. Telenor mobile subscriptions which were recorded in 2020 are 47.240 million with total revenues of NOK 5.880 billion. Its main headquarter is located in Islamabad-Pakistan.

My Telenor App Today Questions and Answers

Recently, Telenor Pakistan has introduced a unique service “Test Your Skill” for its consumers. This unique service can be used on the My Telenor App. By using this service, Telenor customers have to answer 5 questions online. On successful completing the test, you will be awarded free internet. Therefore, the “Test Your Skills” service is becoming popular among Telenor users.

My Telenor App Quiz Answers Today

Check here 10 July Telenor Quiz Answers;

10 July Telenor Quiz Answers

Question No. Question Options Correct Answer
1 What is the name of the largest city of Azad Kashmir? a) Bagh
b) Rawalkot
c) Dras
d) Muzaffarabad
d) Muzaffarabad
2 How many rivers are found in Muzaffarabad? a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 5
a) 3
3 What language is spoken in Muzaffarabad? a) Sindhi
b) Kashmiri
c) Punjabi
d) Balochi
b) Kashmiri
4 When was Muzaffarabad made capital of AJK? a) 1944
b) 1946
c) 1945
d) 1947
d) 1947
5 How many forts are there in Muzaffarabad? a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
b) 2

Check here 09 July Telenor Quiz Answers;

09 July Telenor Quiz Answers

Q No. Question Options Correct Answer
1 Minar e Pakistan located in which city of Pakistan? a) Islamabad
b) Karachi
c) Lahore
d) Chitral
c) Lahore
2 Where is the Mazare -e -Quaid located? a) Karachi
b) Islamabad
c) Lahore
d) Chitral
a) Karachi
3 What is the name of the largest lake in Pakistan? a) Sat Para
b) Kachura
c) Lulusar
d) Manchar
d) Manchar
4 Sat Para Lake is situated in which region? a) Bolan
b) Kaghan
c) Baltistan
d) Gilgit
c) Baltistan
5 Rawal lake is situated in which city of Pakistan? a) Lahore
b) Islamabad
c) Karachi
d) Chitral
b) Islamabad



All the users of My Telenor App who have taken the “Test Your Skills” test can check today questions and answers on this page. My Telenor App today questions and answers are given below. Keep visiting this page on daily basis in order to get correct answers for Telenor quizzes.

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My Telenor Quiz Today

Check out my Telenor quiz today and answers. Here are complete and correct answers given to facilitate the Telenor consumers.

My Telenor App Answer Today

If you have taken my Telenor app test using the “Test Your Skills” service, you can check my Telenor app answer today. All the answers are correctly updated on this page for the ease of Telenor users. So, feel free to visit this site in order to get my Telenor app correct answers.

Test Your Skills My Telenor App Today

Most of the Telenor users use “Test Your Skills” services and try to get free MBs on daily basis. After taking the test they used to check test your skills my Telenor app today answers. So, visit this page to check the results of the test you have taken at my Telenor app.

My Telenor App Download

If you are a Telenor user and don’t have my Telenor app on your android smartphone, you can download my Telenor app by following the link given below. Join the Telenor family and avail amazing discounts and free MBs daily

My Telenor App Download

My Telenor App

Telenor users are advised to download my Telenor app from the above-mentioned link to avail amazing discount offers. Using my Telenor app, Telenor users can enjoy the following services;

  • Make Your Own Plan
  • Internet Discounts
  • Free MBs
  • Nashpati Prime
  • Rewards
  • Send Gifts
  • 10 Card Redeem
  • Play and Win
  • Deals
  • Music
  • Careem Rewards
  • Corona Live Updates
  • Gift Offer
  • Easy Card
  • Customer Support

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